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Surfer's Paradise

Panoramic views of surfer's paradise reveal the natural beauty and the stunning manmade architecture

Standing Proud

One of the world's most dramatic coastal roads, The Great Ocean Road, leads you to on of Australia's most treasured views - The Twelve Apostles

Peaceful Islands

Beautiful colours streak across the sky in Raja Ampat, of West Papua Indonesia

All Aboard
Fire and Water

Fierce colour contrasts reign supreme at the eco lodge in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Thailand Island

On a sleepy island in Thailand, no cars drive, no electronic beep. You only hear the waves crash and the wind blow.

Tiki iIme

In the malaysian island of langkawi, its best to stay cool under your tiki umbrella

Sunset Star

a golden sunset with a solitary starfish

Propped Up

Locals of West Papua Indonesia live an elevated, picturesque lifestyle

Beach Supplies

No beach trip is complete without a good book

A Slice of Venice

Gondola's pass by in this busy Italian icon

Summer Storms

Warm days bring onshore winds, and raging summer storms over Lake Huron

White Pine
London Magnificent
Island Time

Time moves slower on the island, and that's the way it should be

Aruba Afternoon

The trade winds kick in on another hot and peaceful afternoon

Timeless Prague

The Astronomical Clock in Prague is still the higlight of the Eastern European square

Australian Blue

The deep blue hue of the Queensland coast is mesmerizing

New York Contrast

Central park is alive with life, and its natural beauty is contrasted perfectly with its soaring skyscapers

The Frozen Apple
Heavenly Path

Sometimes the clouds align perfectly to put on a colourful sunset show over Lake Huron

Fired Up

Hot air balloons launch over the vineyards of Hunter Valley, Australia

First Snowfall
Forest Falls
Safe Haven

A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for - William G.T. Shedd

Sunday Stroll
Black Sun

On rare occasion, black clouds roll in to take over the sunset. A beautiful contrast

Bali Living

Bali's beautiful beaches and tropical water always make a picturesque painting

Sunset Hologram

Beach umbrellas add a nice contrast to this otherwise surreal sunset

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paiting 2.jpg
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